Baek Seol Gi (Plain Rice Cake)

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Jennifer L Ban


  • 200
    g Fresh rice flour
  • 20
    g Sugar
  • 4-6
    tablespoon Water


Beak Seol Gi
Ingredients: 200 g Fresh rice flour 20 g Sugar 4-6 tablespoon Water
Tools: Medium sized shifter bowls steamer silicone liner & paper towel measuring spoon cupcake ring spork (spoon+fork or just fork) scrapper (straight edge)
Add 2 table spoons of water into the fresh rice flour and mix the rice flour gently. Sift it through the sifter.
Add 2-3 more table spoons of water. And sift it through the sifter once more. Grab the rice flour and break it using your middle finger - if the rice flour breaks evenly, the moist is correct. If it breaks into crumbs, add more water and sift through the
Add in the sugar to the bowl of rice flour. Use your hand or spork to mix it.
Prepare your steamer (bamboo or stainless steel). Place a paper towel, and then a silicone liner. Place your cake rings. Add the mixed rice flour into the rings. Do not press down but gently add in.
Steam the rice cakes on boiling water over medium heat. Steam for 15 minutes. Open the lid and take out the rings by using tongs. Close the lid back, and continue to steam for 10 minutes. Then, turn off heat and let it cool for 5 minutes.
Gently grab the rice cakes and place it on a plate!
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Beak Seol Gi