Simple Korean BBQ at Home

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Shaun Seo


  • Rice
  • Perilla leaves
  • Dashida wrap
  • Pork belly
  • Ssamjang


Cook Rice. We usually use our rice cooker but today we wanted to try something new.
Perilla leaves are a must at our house. We tried Dashida wrap bought from Hmart for the first time. My wife liked it. It was OK for me. Definitely optional.
Can you call it Korean BBQ without Pork belly? Sometimes we’d also have beef (we like skirt steak) but pork belly never misses an appearance.
Time to wrap it with some Ssamjang! This is how you can enjoy a simple version of K-BBQ at home.
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Going to a restaurant is the best way to enjoy K-BBQ but you can do a simple version at home! This is how we do it.