Mixo Creates Joy Through Food

Mixo is an entirely new way to interact with food content. Our app is launching with hundreds of short-form recipe videos, starting with Korean food. Mixo allows you to easily follow vibrant, annotated videos and actually recreate these dishes at home. Come discover your favorite Korean recipes!

Bowl of Kimchi
Skillet of Jjigae
Prep: chop the garlic, dice the cheong gochu peppers, julienne the green onion, and snip the kimchi into bite sized pieces.
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Small bowl of food
Bowl of eggs

Mixo Brings People Together

Imagine learning from grandmothers in Korea cooking kimchi jjigae, following along with cooks in Italy making fresh pasta, or discovering someone in your own city who has been perfecting their home recipes for decades. Mixo opens that door through our unique creator-driven video-first platform.

A food revolution

Mixo will revolutionize how foodies discover culinary traditions all over the world, and shift how food creators share, organize, grow, and monetize their culinary skills and traditions by building a new food network for the long-tail, enabling anyone across the world to share their own recipes. We will open the aperture for anyone to reconnect with their own culinary histories and explore a diverse set of new cultural traditions.

The Mixologists

Not your garden variety team

Shirley Romig

Cofounder, CEO

Shaun Seo

Cofounder, CPO

Tom Laws

Engineering Manager

Cainã Souza

Lead iOS Engineer

Will Fifer

Lead Product Designer

Calvin Rhodes

Senior Product Manager

Krishna Suraj

Product Manager

Raphael Souza

iOS Engineer

Floriane Ennaji

iOS Engineer

Anna Ballares

Product Designer

Maxime Gauthier

Software Engineer

Cadel Jones

Software Engineer

Pierre-Luc Auclair

Software Engineer

Jerome Boisvert-Chouinard

Software Engineer

Kari Culver

Social Media Manager

Kostiantyn Kolesnyk

iOS Engineer

Anshu Ray

iOS Engineer

Liviu Enache

iOS Engineer

Javier Fuchs

iOS Engineer